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What makes Alpine Eagle so special? The design is the first thing that makes the Alpine Eagle so great. It's elegant, sleek, sporty, modern, and retro. The dial's swirling decoration evokes an eagle's eye, creating a distinctive visual signature. The second is the quality. This is the first watch made in the entire world from Lucent steel. Lucent steel contains 70 percent recycled steel. It is a 225 Vickers Vickers stainless steel, compared to the 150 Vickers Vickers of the more common 316L stainless. The material produced is brighter, more white and has a better polish. The family's commitment to sustainability is reflected in the exclusive use of Fairmined Gold. The watch's integrity is reflected by the COSC-certified Calibre 1.01C, which is made in-house. It is also priced about half as much as other players.

When I heard Chopard would be launching a Chronograph version of the Alpine Eagle, I was immediately alert. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is a big fan of this complication. He didn't disappoint, because the Alpine Eagle XL Chronograph is a combination of one the best new designs with a movement that descends from one of best chronograph movements ever created, the L.U.C 10 CF chronograph calibre, which powered the L.U.C Chrono One. This groundbreaking calibre was introduced by Scheufele for the 10th Anniversary of Chopard L.U.C in 2006. On this occasion, the L.U.C Chrono 1 was unveiled.(www.omegareplica.me)

The L.U.C 10 CF Movement was launched to celebrate L.U.C’s 10th Anniversary.

The 2006 L.U.C Chrono One was powered by the L.U.C 10-CF movement

In ten years, Scheufele created an incredible succession of movements in-house, including the fabled Calibre 1,96 -- the first pedigree microrotor movement since the Patek Philippe Calibre 240, featuring both the COSC Certification as well as Geneva Seal.

In 2000, he developed the Calibre98.01L (Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches), a movement that had four barrels with a powerful eight-day power reserve. He then created the Calibre 0201-L in 2003 with a COSC-certified tourbillon beating 4 Hertz and also 8 days of reserve. Scheufele is known for only creating movements of the highest integrity. So, I had high expectations when he revealed his first chronograph movement. It's fair to say he exceeded my expectations.

The resulting L.U.C 10 CF Chronograph movement had a Palmares level that was almost Olympian. It ran at 28,800 vph, or 4 Hertz. This is an ideal speed for a watch as it is largely resistant to micro-shocks and can time to 1/8th second. The automatic winding system of the L.U.C 10 CF chronograph movement was bi-directional and it had a barrel that stored 60 hours worth of power.

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